Xtreme projects WoW Estonia - by weallplay.eu

Server NEWS and announcement's:

T11 Shaman Chest
First of all, i want to thank reports about New T11 system. Really sorry, my bad, Shaman T-11 Chest now fixed, plese delete Cache folder in gameclient folder for changes to take efect. Plese report bugs to Discord WOW channel Bug section.

T11 Ready,Set,GO!
Today we announce T11 Set + Quest. There is a vendor by Sethekk Halls enstance entrance that exchanges T10 Item + x-count T11 Tokens for T11 Set item. Boss Vikir needs party of 5 to deal with (Atleast 1 healer and 1 tank needed) Allso we prepaired some decorations in mall.

Please don't forget to delete Cache
Server is constantly in development again, please each time you come to game delete Cache folder located in your gameclient folder. TY!

Now fully working, got back all files, some development still ongoing.

Weare now accepting donation to help server development and stability. On our Discord https://discord.gg/bSkHyaxG5b contact V1k1R by @ in wow-> Donation Channel

All recently created accounts were deleted due to database corruption.
I have discovered that database was corrupted allready, needed to clear it to fix issues. Sorry, i hope it will not happen again.